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(We have records from the past 5 months that show the growth of new businesses that have implemented our method and started ranking immediately. These records provide more clarity on the effectiveness of our approach.)

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With our Improved techniques, you can start rank your business quickly in 3 days


We provide GMB TOP RANKING METHOD for your business to rank multiple keywords in multiple localities combined with Optimisation, Integration & Coding - OIC Method (100% Permanent Ranking – Organic Results - WITHOUT spending any amount in Google Ads)
This method suitable for business owners, Marketing Agency, SEO Agency, Lead generation agency to double the sales revenue.


When customer search, your business will be pop up in top 1,2,3 position for multiple keywords in Multiple Locality.

  • Follow our step-by-step techniques to ranking your GMB & see the Magic happens in 3 Days

  • Its White Hat Permanent Ranking Method

  • This Method suitable for ALL Business Industry (By using this method you can cover any radius, even with millions population city)

  • Works in all Service / Product based industries – Manufacturer / Practitioner / Dentist / Lawyer / Retailer / Trader / Hotels / Travel – Any Business

  • Works on ANY Local Business You Can Think of - Auto Mechanic | Windshield Repair | Kitchen Remodeling | Plumbers | Roofers | Cleaning Company | Moving Company | Landscaping | Lawyer | Dentist | Electrician | Pest Control | HVAC | Construction | Carpet Cleaning | Appliance Store | Water Damage | Brokers | Computer Repair | Building Inspector | Bail Bonds | Tutoring | Tax Services | Tree Service | Web Design | SEO | VoIP Services | Insurances | Security Systems | Hair Removal | Salons | Locksmith | Restorators | Painters | Lawyer | Garage Doors | Roofing | Chiropractors | etc.

  • Works with any niche - any languages - All countries

  • Its NOT a course, it’s a strategical method combined with tips, tricks, tactics & hacks used to rank multiple keywords immediately. (EXPERT Techniques used by providing right signals to algorithm for easy understanding of your keywords – This makes the changes in Ranking)

  • Proven Method to attract New Customers by Ranking Multiple Keywords (Tested in 350+ GMB in different category for both established & New Local Business & got drastic results.)

  • Psychological techniques used to boost sales conversion

  • Ranks Any GMB Profiles (Professional Website NOT mandatory for GMB Ranking)

  • All this Ranking Strategies designed by a team of Local SEO Experts with helps of Ex. Google Employees

GMB Top Ranking Method includes: Optimisation technique, Multi Keyword Ranking technique, Maintaining Top Ranking technique, Schema technique, Snippet Technique & other secret strategies for consistent Ranking in Map & Search. If you want to dominate the local market, then this method suits better.

How it works?

Just follow our step-by-step tutorials & implement our strategy in your GMB for guaranteed lifetime customers for your business. When Customer Search your Business, your business will be Pop up in Top 1,2,3 Position – By this way, you start getting your customers for your business. Doing it Right make the difference in SEO.

Real Results:

Multiple Keywords Ranking in your locality & nearby locality/city

Result Output:

Multiple keywords Ranking impact in Improvement on Business Visibility leads to more calls & sales leads, Credibility, Branding Presence, Competitive Advantage – You can see drastic increase in sales Revenue & Overall Consistent Business Growth Guarantee. (Double Phone Calls = Double Sales)

Assured Results Guarantee:-

We guarantee you with multiple keywords ranking, (Worst Case: If you didn’t see any improvement after 30 days don’t worry, our technical team will support with the process & update the changes for ranking, so you are Guaranteed with Top Ranking.) – So , you are Assured.

Quick Ranking

Comparatively Quick in Ranking, As In market, Agency takes 3-6 months for ranking, but in our Method, with our technique you can starts ranking your keywords in 3 Days. (This is possible by combining these 3 methods - Optimisation, Integration & Coding)

Easy Implementation:

We designed this method in such a way that anyone without technical knowledge can understand and implement our technique, even 8th Grade student can work on the process by copy pasting the technique. If you still face any problem/difficulties in implementing the technique, mail us - our technical team will connect & support you.


Agency Pack specially designed for Marketing Agency, SEO Agency, Website Agency, Lead generation agency.

This Package includes all for serving your clients:

  • GMB Top Ranking Method

  • Profile verification Method

  • Suspended Account recovery method

  • Phone number updation method

  • Pin drop method

  • Multiple Listing Verification Method without Physical Location

  • Business Name Edits (without suspension)

  • Business Address Relocation

  • Reviews Transfer Method

Agency can avail additional support services based on the requirement.

Effort is important but knowing where to make effort makes all the difference

(Even a Small Changes makes Big difference in SEO results)


We are sharing our 15 Years of Marketing Experience as a Simplified GMB Ranking Method.

One time Investment & lifetime customers for your business on regular basis Guaranteed.

GMB TOP Ranking Method- $3k

Agency Package - $10k

Check before investing the amount, will it worth for your business? By this method, you can get new customers for your business every day/regularly for lifetime, If you think, it really gains your business, then you think of investing.

We 100% guarantee with your ROI. (You can expect, 100x return on your investment )

Invest 10K & Get 1 Million Return

🔖Our pricing is determined by the results we deliver and the value we provide.💎

Frequented Asked Questions:

I already have Google My Business Profile, why I need to spend additional on your Method?

Dear Business Owners, Simply adding your business in Google / map points is not enough & not going to work anymore. Need to implement what Google is looking for, so that you can get real benefit from your GMB Profile. (Most of the business owner miss it out)

Will it work for my business category?

Yes, it works for your business, Algorithm ranking strategy is same for Every business.

How much time will it take to implement the Method?

It takes 3 days to implement the whole strategy & enjoy the benefit for years together in your business.

How long does it take to see the results?

Typically, our clients start seeing results within 3 to 21 days of implementing the GMB Top Ranking Method. (In 3 months you can see drastic increase in sales revenue.)

What is Covered in this Method?

It covers GMB optimisation technique, Coding Technique & Integrating technique for Quick Ranking of Multiple Keywords.

Will it rank in different locality or all over city with high population?

Yes, it will rank in nearby locality for better targeting as well as whole city, even with high population, ranking duration may differ, but guarantee with results.

How it Double My Revenue?

Ranking multiple keywords leads to increase in Enquiry calls, that drastically increase in sales (This method already implemented & tested in many GMB & we got higher results)

In My locality, We have heavy competitions for my keyword, Will i Rank My New GMB opened Yesterday?

W.r.t Google terms, It takes 30 Days to review your GMB page, you can expect result after 30 days of your profile.

We Lead Generation Agency, with 100+ GMB, will I rank all my GMB?

Yes, you can rank all your GMB page by following our strategy, you can implement the same strategy in all your business and it works.

Will it work without Address - Service Area Based Business?

In General, Google rank Address based business, you can implement our strategy in your SAB business for Extra New Leads.

I don’t have Website, will My GMB Rank?

You don’t need any professional website for GMB ranking, Free GMB website is enough. (which is covered in our method)

Will Google suspend or Penalise?

NO, we follow Google guidelines with other techniques used which is acceptable by Google.

Why Marketing Agency buy this Method?

Marketing/Website Agency think both Website SEO & GMB SEO are SAME, but the fact is NOT true. Marketing Agency failed to rank due to lack of Inadequate Optimization, Resources, Algorithm updating & other technical challenges, In our Method we focus on all the factors influencing GMB ranking, which helps Agency to provide results to their clients. By using our method Agency get real benefits, Moreover, We share this method to “ONE AGENCY PER CITY”, which mean when we share it with you, it won’t be shared with others in your city to avoid competition.


"As a business owner, I was struggling to get customers despite hiring multiple local marketing agencies. I was only seeing an increase in costs for ads and other services, but no real results. A friend recommended the GMB Top Ranking Method, and I decided to give it a try without any real expectations. To my surprise, it was a total game-changer for my business. The method was completely different from anything I had tried before, and it completely transformed the way I worked. Now, I'm flooding with customers on a regular basis, and I can't thank the team behind the GMB Top Ranking Method enough for the impact it has had on my business."

"I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results of the GMB Top Ranking Method, I'm a believer. My local business had been struggling to get noticed online, but after implementing this method, we saw a significant increase in search traffic and phone calls. Our Google My Business page is now ranking at the top of the search results for multiple keywords. I highly recommend this method to any local business owner." - Tom, Local Business Owner


"I was struggling to get my dental practice to show up on Google Maps, even though I had done everything I could think of to optimize my Google My Business page. Then I heard about the GMB Top Ranking Method and decided to give it a try. I was blown away by the results! Within just a few weeks, my practice was ranking at the top of the map pack for multiple keywords related to my services. Not only did this bring in more traffic to my Google Business Profile, but it also increased the number of phone calls and appointment requests I received. I highly recommend the GMB Top Ranking Method to any business owner who wants to dominate their local market!" - Dr. Sarah, Dental Practice Owner.


"As an SEO agency, we were already familiar with optimizing websites for search engines, but we didn't have much experience with local SEO. The GMB Top Ranking Method was a game-changer for us. We were able to offer our clients a more comprehensive SEO service and saw great results in a short amount of time. Our clients were thrilled with the increase in leads and revenue." - Mark, SEO Agency Owner


"We had tried other GMB optimization services in the past from course seller/YouTube etc, but none of them delivered the results we were looking for. The GMB Top Ranking Method was different. The step-by-step process was easy to follow and we saw an improvement in our Google My Business ranking within days. Our business has seen a steady increase in traffic and revenue since implementing this method." - Emily, Marketing Agency Owner


"Since using the GMB Top Ranking Method for past 2 years, our business has seen a significant increase in revenue. Before, we were struggling to get noticed in our local area, and our online presence was limited. But now, thanks to the GMB Top Ranking Method, we're ranking for multiple keywords, and customers are finding us easily when searching for local services. This increased visibility has led to a surge in business, and we've been able to expand our customer base and increase our profits. We highly recommend this method to any business looking to boost their online presence and drive revenue growth."

& other 242+ Testimonials - Click here

Finally, Learn the technique & Implement our proven working strategy in your GMB & see the Magic Happens in your Business.

This After Payment, we will support you with:

Video Materials & Live Listings we ranked in 3 days (Before & After-Case study) for easy understanding, which covers:

  • GMB Optimisation by Auditing technique (Inclusive of competitor analysis)

  • Analysing Master keywords & Identify correct keywords, which algorithm sees & rank in Top 1 position

  • Submitting Multiple Keywords to Google Algorithm via coding for quick ranking

  • Ranking in Multiple locality (Nearby)

  • Integrating method for consistent ranking

  • Free Tool for Creating Unlimited GMB Post contents with Relevance, Prominence, Proximity , (E-E-A-T)

  • Free Tool for creating Code for your Business

  • Other secret strategies for quick ranking

Why our GMB method:

  • Multiple Keywords Ranking

  • Quick Results

  • Easy to implement

  • Lifetime customers

  • ZERO Monthly Expenses

  •  You can Use in your Multiple business

  • 100% Google Safe

  • Free Tools used (NO Paid Tools required)

  • Even when algorithm changes, this method works

  • We Support you with Regular Updates, tips, tricks to boost your business.

  • One Time Payment (NO upselling)

Overall improve your Business Growth & Increase your Revenue with our Expert formulas, guidance, tips and strategies.

Stop Chasing Your Customers – Lets customers call you for their needs

Impact your Business by dominating the local market & Grow your Business quickly.

100% Results Guaranteed

Advantage of using the Method:

It Pull Customer to your business, you dont need to chase customer.

Pull Marketing - Where customers attracts to your business, they call your business. (Conversion will be more for this, as they need your service - when you get call it will be converted - 90% conversion ratio)

Push Marketing - You Show Ads to your customers, Interested Person share their contact number, you follow up & chase the customers for conversion - Generally this category comes in Paid Ads system in FB, Insta, Twitter, Linked, Youtube even Google Ads. - Most of them ends up with wasting time on this lead.

Our GMB Top Ranking Method uses Pull Marketing Strategy.


Pay via PayPal Or Wise Transfer
We will share full details after payment.
Note: As this is a Method, NOT a software, we could not provide any Demo for the same.  NO Trial / NO Sample / NO Demo.
If you really interested & have budget contact us, Fixed price, Don’t negotiate.

Dear Business owner, Our live ranking listing is exclusively shared with our customers to protect our proven method from being copied by other agencies, as it has happened to us before. We do not disclose this information to time passers.


Kindly Mail us for Payment details / Query :
Follow our Method: We assure you RANK IN 30 DAYS + DOUBLE SALES IN 3 MONTHS


CAUTION: Now a days, In Marketplace, person selling Fake Reviews, considered reviews as GMB SEO, kindly note, Fake reviews looks attractive, but it’s against Google Guidelines, Google Penalised your page & pull down your ranking, even chance of suspension. So be careful with this trap.

YouTube/Udemy Courses – This kind of course helps to setup your business in Google, but as a business owner, you need to kindly note that, the real values come in keyword ranking, which helps to pull new customers, these secret strategies won’t reveal by any of the marketing experts, as that the food & butter for living. (Only few Marketing Agency knows this ranking technique, if you are one of them, then this time all your keywords will be ranking in top position)

Note: If you ask to your Agency that, there are someone who do ranking GMB in 3 days, immediately, you will get an answer from your marketing agency that – they are Fake/Not possible like that, fact is they doesn’t know the strategy of ranking GMB. Simple as it. Again, I want to add this Dissimilar because Its subject to Google algorithm (We understand and framed our ranking method in such a way by considering multiple ranking factors, keywords, location etc-each and everything is carefully narrated for ranking your business)

This Method suitable to generate leads from your nearby locality or from the same city/state/country where the business is presence (Not from Different Country-FYI)